A Mass Migration

Today I rode in a vehicle down to Austin from Norman in a little 4-kicker with two bikes strapped to the back with a friend of mine. It was less than scenic, yet I cannot but help to mention a phenomenon I noticed while traveling the nation's main vein, I-35. About two hours North of Austin's first exit I began to notice, and so did my wonderful companion, that every vehicle was either an S.U.V, or large truck loaded with tons of shit in a very haphazard manner, and we were the only "car" on the road. Upon further inspection we soon learned that all of the license plates belonged to states from the south and northeast portion of the United States. Also, that the occupants of these vehicles carrying the content's of homes were driven by generally overweight, Hispanic, or country lookin' folk. So why is it that they all seemed to be going to Austin, or at least south Texas? They say (in the magazines and on polls), that Austin is the number one growing state in America... are they all moving here? Is it migratory workers moving further south due to cold weather, and the lack of available work due to the bankruptcies and economic troubles that have befallen this nation? Or perhaps, and this is the best theory of all in my humble opinion, is there a mass outbreak of zombies in Canada that has quickly spread to the north east, and south east parts of North America? That would at least explain the terrible job of packing these people exhibited. All in all, we know one thing, they most likely were not simply going to visit family, they all had far too much shit for that. If you have any theories of your own, or would like to embellish ours, please feel free.


Laplace's Equation

Laplace's Equation, Sigma, Pi, Rotation, Spheres of Sound are near, If only my mind were clear. I can see harmony, I can see infinity, Zero, a Function, of a fractalated, mind trapped in time. A fourth dimension, a fifth, a sixth, Newton saves me from Dissension. And soon my soul will not feel as sick. Atom shaped, Gyrating quakes, A single Key will sound, When this secret, it is found, I will be salvation. Science save me, Precision paves me, Ambition stave's my craving. For freer thought, A better view, I won't get caught, Beneath their pew. No sacrifice, but blood and sweat. No edifice, but love atomic. Function Harmonic, feel my body quake, inspired infinitely by i. This is the best high.


You Have Everything in China if you Have Enough to Spend

In China we have,
French Fries,
In China we have,
Sucky sucky,
Five dolla,
Takey takey,
Capital-a (pigs).
In China we want,
In Hell they want,
Ice Water.
So in China we want,
Ice Machine and
Drinking Water,
Movie Screens and,
Field Soccer.
Come to China,
We Have....
including Starbucks.


For R-

If I could persaude you to turn on your word, If I could make you less in love with her. If I had the charisma of the succubus, And you the moral's of Narcissus, Turn your head my way, See my eyes as they say, I Love You. Please stop this hurt. And it hurts you to see, The regret in both our hearts, I'll wait, be patient, for our new start. It may take years, or days (hopefully), But by the time your near, I'll be free, For you won't miss your next chance my dear, My door is always open for you right here. I'll wait by the door so I can hear, You walking up my steps, I'll never let it take me to fear, I'll wait for your steps, And if it takes to many years, I'll wait, my heart sobbing tears. Nonetheless, A Home for you is always here.