For R-

If I could persaude you to turn on your word, If I could make you less in love with her. If I had the charisma of the succubus, And you the moral's of Narcissus, Turn your head my way, See my eyes as they say, I Love You. Please stop this hurt. And it hurts you to see, The regret in both our hearts, I'll wait, be patient, for our new start. It may take years, or days (hopefully), But by the time your near, I'll be free, For you won't miss your next chance my dear, My door is always open for you right here. I'll wait by the door so I can hear, You walking up my steps, I'll never let it take me to fear, I'll wait for your steps, And if it takes to many years, I'll wait, my heart sobbing tears. Nonetheless, A Home for you is always here.

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