Laplace's Equation

Laplace's Equation, Sigma, Pi, Rotation, Spheres of Sound are near, If only my mind were clear. I can see harmony, I can see infinity, Zero, a Function, of a fractalated, mind trapped in time. A fourth dimension, a fifth, a sixth, Newton saves me from Dissension. And soon my soul will not feel as sick. Atom shaped, Gyrating quakes, A single Key will sound, When this secret, it is found, I will be salvation. Science save me, Precision paves me, Ambition stave's my craving. For freer thought, A better view, I won't get caught, Beneath their pew. No sacrifice, but blood and sweat. No edifice, but love atomic. Function Harmonic, feel my body quake, inspired infinitely by i. This is the best high.

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