Notes on Public Loving

Look at it, a couple sitting in public, an inch from the others face, gazing intently and lovingly into the other's eyes. There is nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all. Isn't it GOOD to see people enjoying each other and life in general? Still, I find those who find such public displays of affection absolutely appalling, what is wrong with them? And furthermore, what is wrong with the lovers who are afraid to be loving in the company of others? What has caused humanity to shirk away from loving freely and considering emotion embarrassing? I mention this because I noticed it first in myself, and I now recognize the same behavior in my friends and strangers I come across on the street, parties, restaurants, where ever it may be, it seems that we are afraid to love each other. Would you rather hate your neighbor? Would that be more pleasurable? Why not hug, kiss, and relish the company of that person? (unless your neighbor is a complete mother fucker, Evangelical church going, bourgeoisie ass, then....fantasize about burning his house down and scheme up ways to do it without carrying any consequences....just a thought.) In myself it has always been this presupposed need to be "tough", and I combat it everyday. I just don't want to seem vulnerable to the world, but I am certainly not afraid to kiss somebody that I feel strong affection for, particularly if given the chance, in front of the nation and the gossips of the town. Sometimes we don't want to be touched, and I of all people understand this, but what about the times when you see somebody you don't know, who obviously could use a hug....do you just let them sit there wallowing in despair? (Most people I know do) Or do you go ahead and extend a hand, some humanitarianism, and offer them support? Perhaps if we look at this more often it will change. I don't know, I am just talking out of my ass. Forgive me and all my folly's.

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