Save My Soul, I Dare You.

Sitting down about to eat, looking at them bow their heads, "It's time to pray to god" they said, "In order to be heaven worthy." Stare around, and feel so odd, for not believing in their silly god. "Pray now and worship" No, fuck your bullshit. Next they want me to go to church, Then they want me to give 10%. They want to go the lurch They want me to give up my common sense. They want me to have no sex, They want me to have no opinion. They want me to walk "His" steps They want me to be no woman. Well..... I will dance, I will sing, I will romance, I will fling, My idealism's to the masses, I will burn down and crash their fascist asses. With words and action, I dislike their factions Of men against women, Of man against nature, Turning good intention into some dissension To their made up place. If your good you get to see it's face. Taking love twisting it, Taking life, fucking it. Save my soul, I dare you to, Next time I'll stake you to your own pew.

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